Cryptocurrencies are a divisive asset class, with wide-ranging opinions about their validity as investment options. Some believe that digital assets, blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies are the future of world finance. Others believe that cryptocurrencies are valueless, speculative bubbles that don’t merit further investigation.

These opposing viewpoints often lead to a vacuum of reasoned discussion on the topic; a no man’s land of proper debate between two staunchly entrenched sides. I think this is unhelpful for the curious investor, who may come to feel that there are only two, polarised viewpoints to hold on the subject. Furthermore, the heavy dose of bias that comes with the arguments from both sides can leave said investor lacking in impartial resources.

I’ve done my own research into cryptocurrencies. I publish it here so that anyone looking for starting point for their own understanding of the space has access to a transparently sourced and (hopefully) informative series of posts. I will update it periodically; it never bodes well to be too set in one’s ways. As ever, please do your own research and read the disclaimer.

Posts about cryptocurrencies

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