The NHS Pension III: Retiring early

Welcome back to the third instalment of our series on the NHS Pension! In Part I we detailed how our pension is built up over our years of work, before learning how that sum is revalued to keep its purchasing power in Part II. In this section we’ll be touching on some considerations for FI(RE),Continue reading “The NHS Pension III: Retiring early”

The NHS Pension II: Battling inflation

Welcome to Part II of our series on the NHS Pension. In Part I we kept things simple, demonstrating how your salary both pays the ‘membership cost’ of belonging to the scheme and dictates how your pension grows. This time, we’ll look at how your money grows in the pension and what you can expectContinue reading “The NHS Pension II: Battling inflation”

The NHS Pension I: The basics

If you are a past, current or even future NHS employee then the chances are that you will have some interaction with the NHS pension. Having some grasp of your pension(s) is crucial to plotting your own financial journey, especially if you have ambitions of financial independence/retiring early. Unfortunately, wrapping your head around the minutiaeContinue reading “The NHS Pension I: The basics”

The Ferrari Factor

One of the recurring pieces of advice in Financial Independence literature is the idea of curtailing discretionary spending, or reducing ‘unnecessary’ outlay. An oft provided example of such spending is purchasing coffee, or other hot beverage types if they’re your bag. There’s even a catchy phrase to describe it: ‘The Latte Factor’. Coined by DavidContinue reading “The Ferrari Factor”