The NHS Pension: Allowances

This post builds on our existing NHS Pension series. Throughout the post we’ve put links, where relevant, to the appropriate prior material. We do, however, suggest refreshing your understanding of the NHS Pension prior to reading on. The term allowance reminds me of pocket money, that highly prized one or two pound coin slipped toContinue reading “The NHS Pension: Allowances”

Baked beans and shotgun cartridges

The fear is real, the hysteria more so. Covid-19 has stepped up to join H1N1 as a 21st century global pandemic. It leaves those other paltry epidemics in its wake, though remains firmly in the shadow of the hundred-year-long HIV/AIDS pandemic. The impact of the whole affair on peoples’ lives seems as if it willContinue reading “Baked beans and shotgun cartridges”

Golden goose or black swan?

Of the many asset classes available, commodities was one of the least popular amongst FI bloggers. Investing in gold, the archetypal commodity, divides opinion and there are staunch supporters on both sides. We’ve had trouble deciding on the optimum strategy for investing in gold, especially with a plethora of (often contradictory) information flying around. ToContinue reading “Golden goose or black swan?”

Average Investing – Performance

In our last post we looked at the results of our survey of asset allocation amongst FI bloggers. The results demonstrated the average portfolio favoured allocations to equities (68%), bonds (9%) and money in property (15%). The remainder comprised of cash, P2P lending, commodities and other investments. We know that the power of the manyContinue reading “Average Investing – Performance”

Average Investing

Appropriate asset allocation is a key component of investing. It tailors a portfolio to an individual’s investment goals, timeframe, risk appetite and risk tolerance. There are a plethora of asset classes available to the individual investor and choosing a pertinent allocation can be difficult. Investing dogma would dictate a diversified portfolio, with a higher proportionContinue reading “Average Investing”

The NHS Pension V: Other circumstances

Welcome to the final part of our series of posts on the NHS Pension! We thought that for the finale we’d touch on some of the other circumstances that many of you will face as you journey from fledgling employee through to battle-hardened NHS veteran. Maternity (and paternity) leave 44% of NHS employees are femaleContinue reading “The NHS Pension V: Other circumstances”