Mortgage stress test

I’m fortunate enough to only have two debts. One is a hefty and never-diminishing sleep debt. I pay it back when I can but, much like an interest-only mortgage, the principle seems to never decrease. The second is a mortgage. Oxymoronic ‘good debt’. As of 1st August, the Bank of England will withdraw its affordabilityContinue reading “Mortgage stress test”


NHS Pension Changes

The NHS Pension is changing. Lengthy prose about the driving force behind these changes (the McCloud judgement & remedy) would be tangential. Instead of dredging the past, let’s look to the future. What’s happening to the 2015 NHS Pension scheme? Change 1 “Members’ contribution rates would change to be based on actual pensionable pay insteadContinue reading “NHS Pension Changes”

Less Than Full Time Finances

Health Education England recently announced ‘Category 3’ less-than-full-time (LTFT) training will be available to all postgraduate specialties from August 2022. Category 3 allows doctors to work LTFT through personal choice, though it was previously only available to a select group of specialties. Working LTFT has a number of pros e.g. better work/life balance, but alsoContinue reading “Less Than Full Time Finances”

2021 Predictions Review – Did They Fare Better?

Last year I had a bit of fun seeing how the unlikely predictions of Danish investment bank Saxo Bank stacked up against the realities of 2020. Their score of 1.5/10 last time around was forgivable in a year where we were unexpectedly rocked by Covid-19. Yet the novel coronavirus ain’t so new anymore, leaving theirContinue reading “2021 Predictions Review – Did They Fare Better?”