Westminster wallies: a golden false start to 2021

It only took fourteen days for my prediction to come true. Rule-makers turned rule-breakers. Quelle surprise. The politician in question was undoubtedly under surveillance by journalists hoping to generate an easy headline, unlike the rest of the Toms, Harrys and Dicks that are flouting the rules without such scrutiny. Whether you’re a hypocritical government officialContinue reading “Westminster wallies: a golden false start to 2021”

Bin the resolution – try a Yearly Theme instead

New Year’s resolutions are awful. They mostly amount to, admittedly well-intended, hot air. The Banker on FIRE has already laid bare the pitiful probability of succeeding in your newfound resolve. Instead of crafting a single defining goal for the year 2021, one that you’ll have likely forgotten about come the start of Spring, why notContinue reading “Bin the resolution – try a Yearly Theme instead”

10 Outrageous Financial Predictions from 2020

Before the time of masks, quarantine and abhorrence for hand-shaking, the Danish investment bank Saxo Bank published ten “unlikely but under-appreciated” financial events that might occur during 2020. If there was ever a year for outrageous predictions to come true, 2020 seems like it could have been the perfect one! I’m sure, however, that thoseContinue reading “10 Outrageous Financial Predictions from 2020”

RIP RPI – pensions in the cross-hairs?

The Treasury has lined up the Retail Price Index (RPI) for a 2030 retirement. In its place will be the much wordier, and ultimately lesser in value, Consumer Price Index + owner occupiers’ housing cost (CPIH). The change has brought a modicum of grumbling, predominantly because of the negative impact on those with defined benefitContinue reading “RIP RPI – pensions in the cross-hairs?”

Flight distance: a P2P story

We’ve all seen seaside holidaymakers strolling along the boardwalk, proudly (naively) sporting their paper cone of chips. In swoops a seagull – chips are lost, pride is wounded. The daring seagull has demonstrated a fairly short flight distance – how close it will get to a human before retreating (NB flight distance is not theContinue reading “Flight distance: a P2P story”