NHS Pension Changes

The NHS Pension is changing. Lengthy prose about the driving force behind these changes (the McCloud judgement & remedy) would be tangential. Instead of dredging the past, let’s look to the future. What’s happening to the 2015 NHS Pension scheme? Change 1 “Members’ contribution rates would change to be based on actual pensionable pay insteadContinue reading “NHS Pension Changes”

Less Than Full Time Finances

Health Education England recently announced ‘Category 3’ less-than-full-time (LTFT) training will be available to all postgraduate specialties from August 2022. Category 3 allows doctors to work LTFT through personal choice, though it was previously only available to a select group of specialties. Working LTFT has a number of pros e.g. better work/life balance, but alsoContinue reading “Less Than Full Time Finances”

2021 Predictions Review – Did They Fare Better?

Last year I had a bit of fun seeing how the unlikely predictions of Danish investment bank Saxo Bank stacked up against the realities of 2020. Their score of 1.5/10 last time around was forgivable in a year where we were unexpectedly rocked by Covid-19. Yet the novel coronavirus ain’t so new anymore, leaving theirContinue reading “2021 Predictions Review – Did They Fare Better?”