Flight distance: a P2P story

We’ve all seen seaside holidaymakers strolling along the boardwalk, proudly (naively) sporting their paper cone of chips. In swoops a seagull – chips are lost, pride is wounded. The daring seagull has demonstrated a fairly short flight distance – how close it will get to a human before retreating (NB flight distance is not theContinue reading “Flight distance: a P2P story”

Crypto Commentary I

Cryptocurrency is an exquisitely divisive topic. Its ‘marmite effect’ generates a vacuum of reasoned discourse, which is problematic for uninformed investors. Understanding the balance of risk/benefit is important in deciding whether cryptocurrencies might form part of your portfolio. Investing without due diligence, based on the opinions of those who fawn over its ‘world-changing potential’, mightContinue reading “Crypto Commentary I”

SIPPs and NHS Pension

This post builds on our existing NHS Pension series. Throughout the post we’ve put links, where relevant, to the appropriate prior material. We do, however, suggest refreshing your understanding of the NHS Pension prior to reading on. One method of saving money for retirement is to use a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP). How does a SIPPContinue reading “SIPPs and NHS Pension”

Pay rise half-truths

The government this week announced a pay rise for a swathe of public sector employees, among them doctors. If you thought this would bring about high fives, congratulatory back slaps and the medical community celebrating a Covid-induced financial reward you’d be very much mistaken. The announcement contains an (un)healthy dose of spin, papers over cracksContinue reading “Pay rise half-truths”

Emergency Fund 2.0

What’s this? A personal finance blog post about Emergency Funds? How unorthodox! What a novelty! Such a trailblazer! Sarcasm aside, we appreciate that the Emergency Fund is a topic done to near-death; it’s perhaps the quintessential personal finance trope. So we’ll try to concisely cut through the usual waffle that you’ve probably read before andContinue reading “Emergency Fund 2.0”

Ethical Investing; Fifty Shades of Green

Key points:• Socially responsible investing (SRI) is increasingly popular and prominent.• Investing using an SRI strategy may not compromise risk-adjusted returns. • Care must be taken to examine the credentials of SRI funds, rather than taking the label at face value. Ethical investing is just one of the many monikers of an investment strategy thatContinue reading “Ethical Investing; Fifty Shades of Green”