Financial Resources for NHS Professionals

One of my aims for the blog is to improve financial literacy among healthcare professionals. Although the internet houses a plethora of financial information, deciphering which of it is relevant to you can be a bit of a struggle. This page will therefore serve as a repository for financial resources that are applicable specifically to doctors and other NHS professionals. As always please read the disclaimer.

If you know of a resource that you think should be featured on the page – get in touch!

First steps



  • Medics Money has published a free guide on how to claim tax relief, and their tax rebate calculator will help you estimate how much you might expect back from it
  • The BMA also has a page on tax relief
  • A tax guide, as well as other financial and business resources, for doctors in private practice can be found over at Independent Practitioner

NHS Pension

  • For a basic, easy to read and step-by-step guide on how your NHS Pension works check out my own series of articles, which includes information about SIPPs.


  • The Doctor’s Help site contains information about financial support specifically for doctors experiencing financial hardship

  • This spreadsheet can help you keep track of locum pay (credit to Reddit user Dr. Davish)
  • Medics Money could help put you in touch with a medic-savvy independent financial advisor or accountant

  • The BMA has guidance on charging fees

  • This article could help with financial aspects of being a student nurse


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