MedFI is a personal space to enjoy the catharsis of writing, share opinions and to document the journey towards financial independence for both accountability and posterity. Along that journey it would be great to provoke thought and reflection on personal finance in those in similar circumstances.

Twelve percent

The past year has given me, and I’m sure many others too, pause for thought about the way we live our lives. In more recent months I’ve engaged in some hefty type two thinking, reflecting on my financial past (its evolutionary nascency) and future (plans for the endgame, or lack thereof). I’ve dwelled on theContinue reading “Twelve percent”


Our lives are too short to be able to learn everything through our own experiences. A degree of how we behave comes from lessons learned through the experiences of others. Assimilating these lessons into our own schema is a process; listening, reading, empathising, weighing, reflecting, adopting or rejecting. Second-hand experiential learning is an invaluable skill.Continue reading “Learning”

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