MedFI is a personal space to enjoy the catharsis of writing, share opinions and to document the journey towards financial independence for both accountability and posterity. Along that journey it would be great to provoke thought and reflection on personal finance in those in similar circumstances.

War – What Is It Good For?

Even the most ardent news-avoider is likely to be aware of 2022’s early bid to outdo 2020 and 2021 as the worst years in recent memory. Russia invading Ukraine is indeed a strong opening gambit. I found myself in the dark about any financial ramifications of the war. Sadly many conflicts have taken place duringContinue reading “War – What Is It Good For?”

Sentence: Commuting

In February, as part of the meandering migration of a doctor on a training programme, I moved to a new hospital. Such enforced nomadism brings an emotional blend of weary dissatisfaction, ‘first day at school’ nerves and curious excitement. The upheaval brings with it novelties; a new environment, new systems, and new people. Usually aContinue reading “Sentence: Commuting”

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