MedFI is a personal space to enjoy the catharsis of writing, share opinions and to document the journey towards financial independence for both accountability and posterity. Along that journey it would be great to provoke thought and reflection on personal finance in those in similar circumstances.


Financial origin stories are the flavour of the month and I’ve enjoyed reading about the geneses of my blogging peers. Yet when it came to writing my own I’ll confess to a fair dose of self-doubt. There are over seven billion individuals on this planet, we are but cosmic ants. Our stories may be uniqueContinue reading “Evolution”

Am I Diversified Enough?

This question emerged from the milieu of my cognitive stew whilst in the shower. The knee-jerk part of my brain, the fast-thinking portion that doesn’t like to dwell spat out a “yes” and moved on. The more ponderous parts of my cerebrum latched onto the question, and I’ve been mulling it over ever since. DiverseContinue reading “Am I Diversified Enough?”

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