MedFI is a personal space to enjoy the catharsis of writing, share opinions and to document the journey towards financial independence for both accountability and posterity. Along that journey it would be great to provoke thought and reflection on personal finance in those in similar circumstances.

Doughnuts and dollars

Doughnuts are hardly allegorical, though perhaps at a push you could conjure up some vague symbolism. The ring-shaped doughnut could represent the circular nature of life and death, the inexorable march of time in the universe, the futility but majesty of it all. The jam-filled doughnut is perhaps a lesson in not judging books byContinue reading “Doughnuts and dollars”

Message in a bottle

If you could write a message in a bottle, one that would float down the river of life and be found by your future self, what would you write? In wonderland As I wrangled with this latest cerebral provocation from SQ HQ, my initial thought was of how futuristic a self should I speak to.Continue reading “Message in a bottle”

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